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AlphaNest Pty Ltd. is an innovative technology enterprise focusing on independent innovation and high-quality applications of intelligent computing technology and artificial intelligence systems. At present, the relevant research and development are in a leading position in the global intelligent data cognition and knowledge graph. It is the first company in Australia to successfully apply integrated intelligence and awareness computing in the commercial field.

Through supporting product design, supplier links and expanding product portfolios to establish business and industrial field scheduling to achieve interconnection between the computing front-end components of various smart devices and the back- end of business management and control, the industry's first ubiquitous computing intelligent collaboration business and Full-cycle full-chain solutions for production.

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We provide full-stack intelligent system and service application solutions, as well as corresponding consulting, R&D, optimisation, and ODM services with comprehensive technical support for Business Intelligence, Fintech, Industry 4.0, Embedded AI, IoT, and Big Data, from web applications, data systems, intelligent computing, and intelligent human- computer interaction, to cloud computing, edge computing, field terminals, and devices.

Business Intelligence

  • Quality-Quantity Fintech
  • Customer Profiling
  • Propensity Analysis
  • Market Discovery
  • Risk Management
  • Competition Analysis
  • Financial Intelligence

  • Quantity Analytics
  • Policy Intelligence
  • Risk Detection
  • Behaviour Analysis
  • Strategic Evaluation
  • Portfolio Optimisation
  • Data Services

  • Data Curation & Cleansing
  • Data Mining & Inferences
  • ETL & Insight Analytics
  • Prediction & Estimation
  • Knowledge Graph Discovery
  • Data Visualization and HCI
  • Computer Vision

  • ROI Visual monitoring
  • Industrial Defect Detection
  • HD Reconstruction
  • Remote Sensing Vision
  • Radiomics vision
  • OCR Stream Management
  • Stack Applications

  • Web & Mobile App
  • Machine Learning Pipeline
  • Data Warehouse & Factory
  • Computer Vision Pipeline
  • AIoT Engineering      

  • Embedded AI
  • High Speed SDN
  • Edge Computing
  • Intelligent HCI
  • Digital Twins
  • Industrial Vision
  • Smart Systems            

  • Industry 4.0
  • Smart Supply Chain
  • Smart Building
  • Smart Security
  • Robot System Drives
  • Consultation Service

  • Consultation & Compliance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Pre-Marketing
  • Data Support
  • Report & Documentation
  • Tech Training
  • Bring Al into Practice, from Story to Legendary

    We are engaged in bringing AI into the system for higher value conversion and business profitability to help stakeholders and businesses meet their goals.


    Alpha Supply Chain

    A comprehensive supply chain solution and a visual management system with real-time supply chain management and monitoring with computational vision and comprehensive intelligence realizes dynamic production and logistics scheduling of sales-financial planning and asset coordination.


    Alpha BI

    A systematic Intelligent System solution with a set of comprehensive strategies for business intelligence collection and data mining to achieve comprehensive business decision support such as Quantitative CRM, Propensity Analysis, Customer Profiling, Risk Management, and Market Discovery.


    Alpha Web

    An Intelligent Solution for Web Apps and Mobile Apps with big data processing with machine learning ETL pipeline, data mining, computer vision, OCR, Natural Language Processing, audio processing, video processing, image processing, smart contract, data compression, data ciphering, etc.


    Alpha Industry

    A set of industrial manufacturing solutions with advanced techniques, for industrial defect detection, quality assurance, production compliance, manufactory monitoring, digital twin, virtual manufacturing, Cyber-Physical System, Visual Inference & Evaluation, Edge-Robotic Equipment, etc.


    Alpha Supply Chain

    One of the most critical decisions in supply chain scheduling is the real-time supply-demand response with the optimal budget-profit matching for sales and logistics coordination. We provide real-time supply chain management and monitoring solution with edge computing and cloud-fog fusion intelligent decision-making based on computer vision monitoring, artificial intelligence evaluation, and real-time decision support to build advanced supply chain visual management platform systems for inventory planning and asset coordination. By optimizing real-time traceability of goods, services, and information from suppliers to customers, optimal logistics scheduling, and warehouse-sales-distribution management, our system improves customer experience and supplies chain business efficiency with efficient supply chain responsiveness balanced with profitable financial sustainability.

    Alpha BI

    Finding the best quality customers and tracking market behavior in real-time is one of our clients' top concerns, especially in the highly competitive situation of identifying and tracking market trends. We have developed a proven systematic solution to customize big data curation and analytic pipelines adaptive to diverse clients' needs and business objectives with intelligent computing and knowledge graph. Our intelligent system helps clients gain a competitive advantage through deep digestion and knowledge discovery to obtain decision support knowledge including insights, quantitative propensity, and situational assessment with a better understanding of customer behavior and market trends from micro to macro perspectives to improve business profitability and CRM.

    Alpha Building

    Building Industry 4.0 is the realization of intelligent management of the entire life cycle from functional demand and architecture design to building construction and property maintenance. We provide a complete set of advanced intelligent building construction solutions, including all aspects of building engineering, including survey, planning, design, material selection, resource allocation, up to final building delivery, and post-maintenance upgrade and renovation. Our system enables customers to conveniently build a full chain, all-round, and full life-cycle smart building from construction to maintenance through core modules such as digital twin, virtual construction, CPS force analysis, robotic construction equipment, digital construction, smart building computing, optimal energy supply, building security, and self-organizing AIoT, thus, providing builders, developers, and property managers with comprehensive technical support.

    Alpha Web

    In Web service and application, more and more customers need a set of a network systems with artificial intelligence to process integrated data business to support advanced application business. We have a complete intelligent web development system that combines big data processing with web and mobile applications, completing from a data lakehouse to a converged machine learning ETL pipeline. Based on the Alpha Brain engine, our system provides clients with an integrated Web and Mobile App with advanced AI tech support such as computer vision, image processing, OCR, NLP, audio processing, knowledge graph, data mining, knowledge discovery, predictive evaluation, data encryption, intelligent contracts, encrypted communications, and many other advanced features.